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Bad Game - Return

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We're back!

An old VHS has just been digitized, it's not perfect, but there's a new game...

It's time for Alice. The smartphone rings and the insistent and mysterious messages lead her to the defibrillator. She looks at it, turns it on, reads the latest messages. The game is too inviting. She has to place the plates on her chest. Alice uncovers her chest, puts the plates down and starts with the first shocks. It's painful. The challenge is getting more and more interesting, the shocks are more and more powerful. The last one shakes the girl, who falls to the floor.

A figure approaches her, bends over her, is not breathing, her heart is not beating. She starts with MTM and CPR. A few cycles and then a defibrillator shock again. The girl wakes up, she is frightened. The game continues. A new shock and more rounds of CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Alice is lifted off the ground and left on the couch. More cycles of CPR, MTM and new shocks, until she wakes up. Play continues, girl wakes up several times, then more cycles of CPR. The long game goes on, again for several minutes, with numerous shocks and cycles of CPR and MTM, until the girl no longer wakes up.

It's not over...

We'll be back...

CPR, MTM, Chest Compressions, Defibrillator. Different camera angles. Topless only

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Bad Game - Return

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